QLG is always looking for talented people interested in building their careers with a truly emerging law firm. We are most interested in the total contribution a candidate can make to our firm. We value diverse backgrounds and experience, intellectual curiosity, emotional maturity, stamina and loyalty, in addition to a solid academic record.
We have always stressed individual responsibility, and our policy is to give lawyers direct responsibility for work assignments and for contact with clients as soon as they are ready. To be successful at our firm, a lawyer must be comfortable working in an informal environment and have the initiative and imagination to deal with novel legal issues.

Ideal candidates are attorneys who have an outstanding academic record and excellent writing and organizational skills, with varied hands-on experience within the practice area. We offer outstanding benefits, professional development within a culture of opportunity. 

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If you meet our requirements and are interested in joining a winning team, we look forward to hearing from you. For more information or to apply, please contact us. We encourage students to submit their resumes directly. Equal Opportunity Employer.

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