The Internet has expanded and enhanced the opportunities for exploitation of intellectual property rights. The explosion of business on the Internet has increased dangers for liability and an ever-expanding potential for outsiders to take advantage of your intellectual property rights. In addition, businesses are increasingly doing business using the Internet and e-commerce models. You need to know your rights under these agreements in order maximize the value of your business’ intellectual property.

We have provided comprehensive legal services and products to technology-oriented companies ranging from large publicly held corporations to promising emerging businesses.

We have experience in dealing with the legal issues businesses face now or will face in the future, including:

  • Establishing and Protecting a Presence on the Web. Protection of trademark and service mark rights, domain name registration and protection, the relationship between trademarks and domain names, potential infringement through use of "meta-tags," legal consequences of "hyper-linking" to other Web sites, and contracting for Internet and Web site services.
  • Intellectual Property. Licensing of software and Internet content, technology transactions, and intellectual property litigation.
  • Privacy. Tackling the risks spawned by the Internet, including confidentiality, encryption, jurisdiction, privacy, obscenity, defamation and illegal harassment.
  • Employment. Employees with Internet, e-mail and voicemail access can be drastically more - or less - efficient and the use of new or improved technologies by employees can expose their employers and others to significant losses and risks.

We draw upon our experience to properly advise e-clients not only on legal issues, but also the complex business issues that arise with the launch of any new business venture. We are also able to provide efficient and on-demand representation so that e-clients can maintain their competitiveness in the fast-paced electronic marketplace.

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