Whether or not a business can exploit its own intellectual property rights to their fullest extent can be key to both its short term and long term success.

QLG can assist you by protecting and leveraging those rights to grow your business. We will work with you to develop an enforcement strategy which best suits your budget and expectations.

At the same time, you have to know whether or not your competitor's claimed intellectual property rights can keep you from implementing your business strategy. Our experience in handling intellectual property claims will help you realize your business goals and avoid costly missteps. Similarly, even if your primary business does not center on technology, the development, acquisition and use of technology and technology products affects your operations in more ways than ever before. We can help you avoid or resolve technology based disputes whether or not traditional “intellectual property” rights are involved.

QLG also handles cases related to claims made by business insurance policy holders for liability arising out of intellectual property disputes.

We have recently represented clients in cases involving:

  • Copyright infringement suits
  • Trademark infringement suits
  • Trade Dress infringement suits
  • Trade secrets misappropriation
  • Domain name disputes, include “Cybersquatting” claims
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Patent infringement appeal before the Federal Circuit
  • Trademark Office applications
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