Trademarks or service marks are words, devices or symbols used by a business to identify its goods or services and to distinguish them from others. The Internet has made trademarks more valuable. The Internet has also created challenges for protecting your trademarks. If you do not protect your trademarks, you can lose them.

We have experience enforcing and defending trademark rights in federal courts. QLG can help you select and protect what can be your business's most valuable asset: its identity. We conduct and develop trademark infringement detection and enforcement programs for our clients as well.

We assist clients in connection with:

  • Clearance. Searching and advising on the availability of trademarks and trade names. Devising creative solutions for clearing marks. Advising on when to obtain rights to marks owned by others.
  • Registration. We also advise clients regarding the selection of non-trademarks and register these marks in the United States.
  • Policing. Designing programs tailored to prevent infringement of our clients’ trademark rights. Using third-party watch services and independent research to identify infringers.
  • Anti-counterfeiting. Coordinating anti-counterfeiting programs, working with the Customs Service officials in apprehending shipments of counterfeit goods; working with investigators to find counterfeit goods.
  • Litigation. Representing plaintiffs and defendants in litigation before federal, and state courts and the International Trade Commission, involving trademark, unfair competition, cybersquatting, antitrust, and breach of contract claims.
  • Transactions. Preparing license agreements, assignments and security interests in these rights; and conducting due diligence to assist our clients transactions.
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