Many new technology start-ups are formed by a group of employees leaving an established technology company. Similarly, a group of your employees may have left to join a competitor.

We have represented parties on each side of these equations. In addition to litigating injunctive and long-term relief issues, QLG helps businesses and employees fashion enforceable agreements. In many jurisdictions, these agreements can be thrown out in their entirety even if only a portion of the agreement is unenforceable.

Based on our experience, it is important to consider at least some of the following issues:

  • What can an employee take when he or she leaves?
  • What about information "in their head"?
  • What is the ex-employee prevented from doing?
  • What if an ex-employee tries to hire other remaining employees?
  • What happens if a customer calls the ex-employee and wants to do business with the ex-employee's new company?
  • Does a trade secret misappropriation claim exist?
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