With the increasing number of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options available, businesses need to comprehend ADR's benefits as a substitute for, or as a supplement to, litigation in the federal and state courts.

QLG recognizes that the cost and time expenditure often associated with litigation does not always serve the clients' best interests. We constantly seek new and creative ways to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. ADR, including mediation, arbitration and early case evaluation mechanisms, is one way to accomplish that goal.

As advocates in alternative dispute resolution forums, we have handled cases involving contract disputes, insurance coverage, intellectual property and trade secrets, employment and labor claims, unfair competition and other issues. We have represented clients in arbitrations under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

QLG also provides a range of additional services in connection with ADR, including enforcement of arbitration awards and agreements; drafting of dispute resolution agreements; arbitration rule and policy development; advice on laws and treaties that govern arbitration; and counseling concerning other alternative dispute resolution options.

We further recognize, however, that not every situation is suitable for ADR mechanisms, and we work closely with clients to determine how to best meet their needs, depending upon the relationship between the parties to the dispute, the jurisdiction, the law and other factors.

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